Carolina Beach Road Trip and Flights

In mid October 2017 four salon members made our most recent road trip to the Atlantic coast, this time staying in Carolina Beach, North Carolina. As part of that trip Rick Smith, who has been predominantly an aerial photographer for the past four years, coordinated two photo flights for Mark Mosrie and himself, one late afternoon flight and a second early the following morning. 

Besides the obvious opportunity for beauty shots along the Carolina coastline, the flights provided an opportunity to continue a body of work concerned with sea level rise and coastal erosion due to climate change that Rick had begun and continued on salon outings to the South Carolina Lowcountry in previous years. The aerial platform provided overview images that perfectly complemented the previous ground level anecdotal detail work, and when Mark and Rick arrived above Beaufort, South Carolina and nearby Hunting Island, the locus of the salon's first Lowcountry excursion, the progress of the ocean's encroachment on those beaches was stunning.


Rick SmithComment