Salon members on the road...

Salon members have been on the road this summer traveling across the US as well as Europe and Africa. This month we begin a short series of posts about these trips and will link to each photographer’s website for those who want to see more of the images.

This month, we feature Jerry Park, recently back from a 5-day sojourn documenting life along the Mississippi River. Jerry made his way north along the western shores of the river until he reached Keokuk, Iowa, where he crossed to the eastern side and proceeded southward again.

Setting aside his digital camera, Jerry shot medium-format film using his plastic Holga camera. The photo above, “Target Practice on the Levee”, is a reminder that film renders scenes of rich color and depth. Please click here to see more of JP’s images and to learn more details of his trip, including the towns, restaurants, attractions and people he encountered.


Quote of the month

Another new feature for this month, the above quote is from sculptor Richard Serra, whose work may be viewed here and here. We all need to be reminded that in order to make breakthroughs in our art we need to get out of our comfort zones and try something different. Only when we are in personally uncharted territory and open to failure, which is inevitable and instructive, will we achieve true progress. 


The August Meeting...

August's meeting will focus on Southern photography. You may ask yourself, "What exactly is Southern photography?" This is a topic that gets discussed frequently and at length among the Salon members. This month, everyone will have an opportunity to illustrate and describe what "Southern" photography is to them. Each member will present one new image that the member feels could be classified as "Southern". Through discussion and critique, we will attempt to finally reach a consensus about what Southern photography looks like and what its themes are.