Jerry Park's Slow Roads Tennessee...

We are excited and proud to present the latest book from Southlight's own Jerry Park. "Slow Roads Tennessee" is both a chronicle and an archive of a time and place: the back roads of Tennessee in the early part of the 21st century. Jerry photographed each of Tennessee's 95 counties and selected one image from each for inclusion in this book.

Please click here to see more of JP’s images and to read more about the book, including how to get your own copy.

Southlight Salon: Eight Questions

This month we debut a new feature on the Southlight website — short video clips of Salon members talking about everything from the best photographic advice they ever received to their ideal shooting situations to their strengths and weaknesses as photographers. This month, it's "Favorite Genre". 



The upcoming year promises to be a busy one for Southlight with lots of challenging assignments in store, plus trips to various photo festivals such as Look 3 and Slow Exposures and a 5-day trip to New York City.