February 19 2019

PROGRAM: Printers - People not equipment

Tonight the salon learned about the printers behind the great photographers.

Specifically looking at Chuck Kelton and his wonderful stories about printing for the great photographers.

There are 16 short videos in the playlist. ILFORD INSPIRES - Chuck Kelton


Screen Shot 2019-02-19 at 9.40.47 PM.png

Images by Chuck Kelton

Chuck is master printer and the last videos are of his work.

Robert had the program (swapping with Jerry), a presentation called “Printers (people, not hardware)”. He showed photos of the first Magnum printer (Georges Fevre), the second Magnum printer (that guy) and the third Magnum printer (Pablo someone). He then introduced us to Chuck Kelton, master printer, who printed images for Magnum, ICP, Sony Archives and many other photo agencies, museums and catalogs.

Robert showed a multi-part YouTube video in which Kelton talked about printing images for Helen Levitt, Saul Leiter, Louis Faurer and Danny Lyon, among others.

Chuck’s videos discussed manipulation of paper and using week fixer on paper before development was a very interesting look. Those images of Chuck’s can be viewed at this link http://www.keltonlabs.com/CKimages.html

After the video, Robert showed us some black-and-white Magnum square prints, followed by four of his own images that he had printed on his Epson SureColor P800. He prefaced the showing of his images by saying that he was on a personal quest to find a digital workflow – from capture to print – that yielded a black-and-white image that rivaled the look of silver gelatin. The prints he showed were printed on a discontinued Hahnemuhle paper. They were all black-and-white images, some from digital files and some from scanned negatives (2 ¼ and 35mm). Opinions were mixed with some people agreeing that some of the images had a silver gelatin look and others saying they didn’t.