Jerry Atnip

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One of the many benefits I enjoy as a professional photographer is the opportunity to observe and record people and cultures beyond my immediate sphere. I’ve been fortunate to be able to do shoots and exhibit in locations all across our planet.

I was recently on assignment in West Africa to tell the story of the people, culture, and environment of the area. This image of the more than 2,600 images taken while shooting throughout the region shows a part of my journey made in Senegal.

As an artist, my intent when photographing cultures is to free myself of preconceived notions of what I have been conditioned to expect, of prejudices I may have developed, and of the thoughts of images I pre-plan in my mind’s eye. I attempt to see as a child, being as open as I can, to respond in an honest way to the flood of images I encounter. My job is to share that truth in a way that is clear to the viewer who doesn’t have the opportunity to experience it.

Jerry Atnip


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