Profile: Jerry Park



Jerry is the token older dude. Every group needs someone to point out obtuse things and make up definitions of what they are. This enriches the overall salon experience and elicits infrequent mutterings, such as, “well, bless his heart…” But, he’s not offensive and is willing to haul the gang around the country in his Ford Flex, named The Shadow.

Jerry came sorta late to this photography thing but is pouring most of his energy and time into it like there’s no tomorrow. A typical day might find him wandering around the countryside of Tennessee with film and digital gear in hand, looking for scenes and people that seem to possess an eternal goodness. Given to extensive, multi-year projects, he can be absent doing his thing for extended periods of time. Recently, he has added writing to his areas of exploration, often combining text with image via essays, vignettes, and poems.

He is represented by The Arts Company in Nashville, where his work, in particular his series, have been exhibited on numerous occasions. Before retiring from corporate life in 2007, Jerry held a variety of executive positions in the Christian music and publishing fields.

Jerry joined Southlight in October of 2009.

Being invited to become a Southlight member in 2009, a fairly early point in my development as an artist. I’ve always had an extra portion of love for the fellows who saw what I could become, rather than what I already was.

NY Strip, finished with a spicy rub and topped with horseradish, sautéed mushroom caps, asparagus soup, mixed salad, and toasted sourdough bread.

My first solo exhibit at the Arts Company. It featured a project called WorkSpace - photographs of 40 unusual business environments. Many of my friends and others attended the opening and we sold stuff. I couldn’t quite grasp the fact that someone would not only buy my work, but actually hang it up in their house and look at it every day. I was humbled and inspired to keep at it.

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